Walking down the shoreline fresh wind blows on our faces. The rhythm of the waves set the pace as we pass through shrubs, cactus and rocks. Penguins, sea lions and seabirds give narrative to the immense ocean.

Puquén Bio-Park is located in the shoreline from the north side of Los Molles in Valparaiso Region until Pichidangui in Coquimbo Region.

The park represents a unique scenic beauty thanks to its endemic flora and great biodiversity. Here, visitors can admire the flora represented by steppe shrub and by abundant flowers that paint the landscape with a wide palette of colours. At the park we can also observe multiple geological formations that comprise the place.

Among the main attractions, we will find a blowhole called Puquén, which in Molle language means “whale blow”. It consists of a sea cave produced by water erosion that when the tide is high the water passes landwards through a vertical shaft resulting in blasts of water and wind reaching amazing heights.

Close to Puquén, we can admire the Lobera: an island where a huge colony of South American sea lions (Otaria flavescens) live. This is a perfect place to watch their activities and listen to their loud shouts. There is also another island where we can see a population of Peruvians boobies (Sula variegata) during their reproductive period (from November to February).

If the ocean conditions allow us, we can stop to enjoy a refreshing swim in a natural pool. This pool is a body of stagnant water about 4m (13ft) deep fed by the direct presence of big waves that gradually fill it.

We can also find a paleontological interest zone near the shore line, where we will see a giant rock with fossil records of plants from the Triassic period.


  • Activity: Hike
  • Tour length: Full day
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Season: All year round
  • Total distance*: 8km (5mi)
  • Max elevation: 40m (131ft)
* Whole circuit back to start point

Price Per Person

4 +160


  • 07:30: Hotel pick up
  • 09:30: Los Molles, hike begins
  • 10:00: Blowhole and Sea lion Island
  • 12:30: Natural pool and optional bath
  • 14:15: Lunch time
  • 15:45: Car ride back
  • 17:45: Back in your hotel


  • Guide ENG / ESP
  • Transport
  • Box lunch: one sandwich and a large salad; cereal bar; chocolate or cookies; tea and coffee; two fruits and water.
  • Tel. and internet signal
  • First aid kit
  • Park entrance fee

Not included:

  • Accident insurance
  • Personal clothing


  • Pre-hydration and good breakfast
  • Hiking shoes
  • Long sleeves shirt if possible
  • Hut and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Warm and windproof jacket
  • Swimsuit and towel in summer


(...) on a stunning day, with the wild coast, the beauty and sea lions and birds. It was a total escape of breathtaking wonder! So pristine and natural.

David M / Sidney, Australia

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Pictures taken on November 16, 2014.